Airport & Aviation

There is spurt in air travel in India due to low cost flying options. The air travel demand has demanded development of domestic and international airports, rehabilitation of existing airports. The improvement/ development requires increasing the length of taxiways, increase in runway length, strengthening of runway pavement etc.

Our firm has the capability to carry out condition assessment of existing runway, taxiway and other structures through various destructive and non-destructive tests. We have the professional who design the runway and taxi way based on the soil condition,air traffic and type of air craft. We also carry out a comprehensive drainage analysis of the area and provide drainage solutions.

  • Assessment of Runway pavement
  • Geotechnical and Material investigations
    • Subgrade and foundation exploration
    • Material investigations
    • Subsurface Drainage
    • Determination of CBR & Bearing capacity
  • Taxi and runway design
  • Drainage from operation area
  • Buildings and hangars
  • Pavement design
  • Detailed Project Report for construction of Six / Four Lane Flyover Bridge
  • Consultancy services for detailed engineering design for construction of major river bridges (both railway and Road)
  • Consultancy services for detailed engineering for construction of composite bridges
  • Carrying out planning and structural design of pedestrian subway
  • Carrying out planning and structural design of vehicular underpass
  • Consultancy services for feasibility study of bridges
  • Consultancy services for preparation of Detailed Project report for Road Over Bridge and Rail over bridges
  • Consultancy services for repair and rehabilitation of distressed bridges
  • Conducting various destructive, non destructive, load testing on bridges
  • Carrying out hydrological survey and hydraulic calculations for major and bridges
  • Carrying out planning and detailed design for construction of railway tunnels
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