Topography survey is pre-requisite for development of any infrastructure project and its accuracy will provide the better platform for sound engineering design.

The Firm has significant skill in Topographical survey and our surveyors have carried out survey in almost the length and breadth of India with state-of-the-art technology and software. We have also carried out survey using LiDAR technology mounted on wheels of vehicles in difficult terrains.

Our scope of work for survey encompassed diverse variety of projects from land subdivision and mining exploration, to tunnel building, major construction, linear projects surveying for existing or new roads or Railways, forest surveying etc. We have the specialists in survey for data transfer, processing and interpretation. They also give advice and provide information to guide the work of engineers, architects and developers. We have also the skill for carrying out cadastral survey for land assessment, precise engineering survey, site scanning and 3D visualisation of detailed modelling. We keep ourselves abreast with new technology in survey and train our personnel to remain updated to the technology.

  • SM Consultant has developed an identity for accurate survey and has set benchmarks in survey and geospatial solutions. We have been successful in designing and implementing cost effective solutions due to our expertise in survey. We assist the client in locating the reference pillars, control points and for final location survey or centre line marking.
  • We have the team of experts working on digitisation of maps, assessing land requirement for projects and preparing land schedule. We also carry out precise engineering survey, site scanning and 3D visualisation of detailed modelling.

  • Topographical Survey
  • Hydro-graphical & Bathymetry Survey
  • Wave & Current Dynamics
  • Alignment Survey
  • Tidal Study
  • DGPS(Diffential Global Positioning System) Survey
  • Auto Lavel Survey
  • Consultancy services for survey & development of GIS system
  • Conducting Topography survey of area
  • Topographical survey and preparation of land plan schedule for various town planning schemes
  • Conducting alignment survey for road and railway
  • Reconnaissance survey, Detail Engineering survey, cadastral survey, population survey and providing services for establishing ROU in ROW for proposed pipelines
  • Hydrographic survey, Bathymetry survey, Marine survey
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